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Latin Lover x Perros Bravos Coffee

Latin Lover x Perros Bravos Coffee

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Café Latin Lover x Perros Bravos "Stimulate your neurons and your passion" 

  • Special premium export type coffee
  • 100% Colombian coffee of single origin selected bean by bean
  • Cultivated at 1,600 MSNM in Marquetalia Caldas
  • medium roast
  • Profile in cup: 84
  • Sweet notes of chocolate, caramel, hazelnuts, toasted walnuts
  • Presentation of 340 gr in grain or ground.

Watch out, Brave Dogs!

It is the sign that for years received the peasants from eastern Caldas, who, passing by on their mules and on foot, began to identify the farm that traditionally had one of the best coffee crops in the region. Mountainous lands that see the three snow-capped peaks appear, bathed in spring waters and reminiscent aromas, give rise to a special coffee. Since then, the El Lago farm began to be recognized by the inhabitants of the area as "Brave dogs", a place where coffee is planted with high quality standards.

Product of extremely fresh peasant origin, special premium coffee, single origin and export type.

From the farm to your cup! 

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